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Kamis, 04 Juli 2019

Rizal-Hamsul Chosen Acclamation Leads North Luwu JOIN

Rizal-Hamsul Chosen Acclamation Leads North Luwu JOIN

INFONEWS.CO.ID ■ The management of "JOIN" South Sulawesi kept the promise to form a new management in the North, namely "JOIN" North Luwu (Lutra).

In the elections held at Daeng Azis Warkop on Jalan Trans Sulawesi, on Wednesday 3 July 2019 by acclamation chose Rizal Muthahari (Journalist InputSulsel.com) to lead the North Luwu "JOIN".

The Chairperson of North Luwu "JOIN", Rizal was accompanied by Deputy Chairperson of Darwil (Batarapos.com), Secretary Hamsul (Matarakyatmu.com) Deputy Secretary Andi Safaat (Teraskata.com) and Treasurer held by Jusman (IndonesiaSatu.co.id).

The meeting was held following the statement of the resignation of several North Luwu "JOIN" administrators before, including the Chairperson, Ibnu M.

The Chairman of South Sulawesi "JOIN", Rifai Manangkasi, said that the formation of North Luwu "JOIN" management for the 2019-2022 period was an accumulation of organizational dynamics.

"The resignation of some managers does not mean the end of everything in North Luwu JOIN," he said.

He added, it is hoped that the new management with this old face can increase the activity beyond the previous management.

In order for the work programs to be realized need the support of various parties so that coordination and communication to various institutions is needed.

"Effective communication between members and institutions will determine the target of the program to be implemented," Rifai added.

Rifai explained, in running the organization, never feel important until communication and coordination are ignored.

"It could be that we are not considered important if we are arrogant and arrogant and negative attitude to other parties," he added.

At the end of his pride, Rifai hopes that many new managers will solve their personal interests in organizing and be smart in placing themselves.

Present at the North Luwu "JOIN" Consultation included former Secretary of the North Luwu Region, Mahfud, Saras (Public Relations of North Luwu District Government) and Chairperson of North Luwu HMI.

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